Saturday, January 30


Yesterday was one of those days where we were too busy. I was out working all day, then quickly packed for our road-trip home to 'The Hat'. But before we left we celebrated the first birthday of CHANGE. Change is our young adults church community that we are apart of. For the first birthday we unveiled our new mandate, if you will, 'WE ARE'. I am not good at explaining things, but if you can check out a promo video here that I did for the launch that will hopefully explain it better and encourage and inspire you.

Anyways, I was lucky to sneak a quick photo of Alyssa before things kicked off. And unfortunately my darlin will be away from me this weekend. She is doing wedding prep with her friend Kendra who is marrying my best friend Connor. Check out their engagement photos by the ├╝ber talented Phil Crozier here.

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