Wednesday, March 3

The No Looker

Sometimes there are images that you, or I, like but aren't exactly sure why. The photo of Alyssa was taken as the title suggests, by not looking through the view finder. I like to call them from the hip even if they aren't 'from the hip.' It's not a great photo and some might be thinking typical guy because of were the camera is pointing, but it really isn't that at all. For me it is the whimsical magic from shooting from the hip. The soft focus and slight blur of the image to me gives it an honest raw feeling and you're not quite sure where to look. I like the angle looking down with the hair in the top of the frame, but with no face.

So I am sure there are some that are thinking I don't get it and others who like it, but for other reasons and that is great part of 'art'. It is subjective and in a way I think because of that everyone owns a piece of every art.

1 comment:

  1. I bet you love sucking on those, they look so good!! I really wish they had those in Japan.......

    Also, in the other photo, is Alyssa wearing a Quantum Scalar Energy Pendant?