Thursday, August 19

Lovely Lyss

I read an interesting blog post by photographer Chase Jarvis titled: 'Is Inspiration Killing Creativity.' You can read it here. And I am guilty of this for sure. And I've been so wrapped up in it that I have forgotten about you and this blog. So for that I apologize. If you don't know I was born and raised in Medicine Hat and this summer I've been there a lot. I just spent the last three weekends there and was there before Lyss and I went to Edmonton which I blogged about here. I've been busy but I feel energized. Lately I've been working on some fun projects and reshaping my business. Hopefully I'll be able to fill you in soon. I am also trying to figure out how to use this space better. And I think in the future I will be using it more diary style. Until then check out my beautiful wife in her new hat. If all goes well this weekend I will have a nice treat for you next week.

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